"All IN ME"
WENG_Studio x 
IRERI The contemporary definition of femininity lies within multi-personalities within oneself.


"Elegant, Sensual and the Leisurely-Mannered" atmospheres are presented within the collaboration between WENG_Studio and Ireri. It is a delicate process of floral growth with metaphor within a female body.


The monologue of me, me and me:


The quiet and painstaking movement of each body language is the reflection of the social impression of "me", "I" am elegant yet my heart is ready to break all the limits.


The sensuality lives inside "me", there is a struggle between my multi-personalities, millions of questions have arisen in my head which leads me to refine a better "me".

If "I" wake up full of energy, it is time to embark on an adventurous journey that could lead me to a greater path ahead.


Need not define who you are, every day you are the better version of yourself, all the emotions are "ALL IN ME"


WENG_Studio launched the first couture collection that was created through the multi-processed handmade fabric and tailoring design of three-dimensional curvature. The customization of the autumn and winter look will allow our customers to obtain a different winter experience.


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