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WENG_Studio sees sustainability as one of our mission as a brand. We believe that it is our responsibility as a fashion brand to show our consumers how a change of mind on purchasing hobbit that could give a significant change to our environment and society. Therefore we have taken action through 3 main focuses "Design, Material, and Production". 





We aim to produce garments that allow our customers to coordinate with different styles of look, as well as with refined detail that would allow each item to be used throughout time and perhaps pass on through the next generation. We believe it is the best way to help by simply owning a few high-quality garments and then having a whole closet of fast fashion items that would be used for only a short period. 



In addition to the use of natural materials such as cotton, silk, wool, etc., we also prefer to implement the use of eco-friendly textiles or recyclable fabrics which are locally produced. We aim to provide a comfortable purchasing experience to our customers, concurrently in parallel to the consumption activity we aim to make efforts on contributing to the environment. Moreover, we created original textiles by following the process of cutting, hand stitching and other diverse crafting techniques to create unique wearable artworks in different seasons. 



Last but nonetheless, WENG_Studio insists on processing high-quality manufacturing in Italy. Not only aiming to increase local employment opportunities and to put in effort on economic development, our brand wishes to make contributions to reducing fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions on our supply chain. It is the aim to provide refined products and to achieve sustainable business that has encouraged the establishment of our brand. Moreover, for each collection, we prefer on processing small quantity production to prevent any possibility of production. Before the production of each garment, we would do a survey with our distributors and on our social media platform to predict the right production quantity. The garment with purchasing demand will be removed from our production list. In addition, pre-sale activity will be hosted once every few months to accurately reproduce high-demand items and special addition design items. 



By cooperating with design, material selection, and production process with the mind of sustainability concept, we believe that our vision could convey a timeless and gender-less aesthetics fashion concept to those who pursue a unique and high-quality attitude in their lifestyle. 

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