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“The rule for viewing an abstract painting is the liberation of your mind, let it travel from point to point. Somehow it flows with the texture of the brushes and gradually walks to clarity along the colours. Everything becomes clearer.” #10, 1952 painted by one of the preeminent abstract artists Mark Rothko, has become the core concept behind WENG_Studio’s FW23 collection.

“The girl after wearing my dress has manifested the word of integrity thoroughly, she is so graciously posed but 3 seconds later she is ready for the next set! Charlene Wittstock, Princess of Monaco, has always been my source of inspiration. She presents you that you could be athletic and elegant while youthful, is not a necessity to give one thing up.”


This connects to Rothko’s abstract painting #10, in which designer WENG discovered that finding oneself’s integrity is definitely a life-long lesson, it means giving life with a purpose to have faith in. 

The Olive Green Waves and the Black Diamond-cut weavings are the signature fabric design for this season, it is presented both in olive green and black colours, and the very soothing textures with the easily drapable form give an ease for the fall weather. Unlike the classic A-line straight cutting, the house has deliberately extended the hemline as part of the design for 14 inches. In coherence with the Wam Grey Virgin Wool shirt’s collar stand, which has played with the purple lining effect, the unintentional color contrast presents an unassuming characteristics for this season.

The words between “sporty” and “statuesque” could be very well aligned and maintained. While the black vest is styled with the lilac-tailored trousers, a sense of easiness is presented. The reversible weaving hat definitely creates a youthful and smart-casual outlook for the collection! All in all, your style would not define who you are, it is always good to wander around and discover what you exactly crave from time to time.

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