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WENG_Studio believes that to be part of the fashion industry it is our mission to operate as a sustainable fashion brand. In order to achieve such a mission, WENG_Studio has insisted on locating all production activities in Italy. From material sourcing to garment manufacturing.  While such activities could create more local employment opportunities and economic development, they effectively reduce fossil fuel consumption and minimise carbon emissions from transportation.


Nonetheless, fabrics made of natural materials such as cotton, silk, and wool are always the primary fabric selected for each garment. While selecting natural-material-made fabric, allows us to participate in producing items under the eco-friendly procedure and to increase the recyclability of each garment.

Our mission is to give influences on reducing consumer hobbit on disposable clothing and blindly pursuing transient trends. We aim to promote the fashion aesthetics concept through the use of exquisite materials and to enhance our attitude on refined production to achieve our goal of creating a Timeless experience for the consumer. 

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