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HC/ FW21

This winter WENG_Studio is launching the first couture collection; "Moderntecturenism". With the collection, we aimed to merge the philosophy of Modernism and the geomatic line of Architecture into women's clothing. This season will be adopting a three-dimensional tailorship technique and a new form of ingenuity fabric design method. By keeping the brand identity of sustainability, the ingenuity fabric is made by cropping the discarded fabric into a specific form and re-creating a new format of sustainable woven fabric. It is our goal to create a brand identity by enhancing timeless and sustainable clothing design that creates elegant garments which allowed our customers to pass on to the next generation. 

The design inspiration for this season is mainly taken from the well-known building designed by British architect "Thomas Heatherwick"; such as Little Island, Guys Hospital, and Seed Cathedral (The UK Pavilion for Shanghai Expo). The architectures are inspired by mother nature, which has contained bionic curves and geometric elements, with the consideration of both practicality and functionality design concepts. Thomas Heatherwick has created sculpture buildings that appear likes giant artworks in modern cities.

Moreover, the collection was created through the multi-processed handmade fabric and tailoring design of three-dimensional curvature. The customization of the autumn and winter look will allow our customers to obtain a different winter experience.


Living in a busy city, staring at the sunlight filter through the window, thinking of the approaching Ferragosto vacation. 


Colourful houses on the coast and the view of the sea glinting in the sun appeared to mind, as if you could feel the salty sea breeze blow into your face and hear the sound of the waves crashing on rocks. 


Suddenly, time seems to slow down gradually, stress at work, and the pressure of daily life tend to disappear in this sweet SUMMER DAYDREAM.

The collection attempted to create a series of clean-cut smart casual outfits that interpret how busy modern urbanites tend to imagine their summer vacation during their busy daily life. Inspired by the colourful Italian coastal town Cinque Terre.

The designer has incorporated the characteristics of colourful architecture, the movement of the waves, and the shimmering sea of Cinque Terre into the collection. As for the colour scheme light green, bright yellow, aqua blue and earthy colours are used extensively in the collection. For the Summer Daydream collection, we aimed for our customers to be able to wear comfortably during daily life while embracing the holiday atmosphere by the sea.

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